Baaghi 2 Total Box Office Collection Worldwide Business Income Report

Baaghi 2 Total Box Office Collection Worldwide Business Income Report : Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani starrer Baaghi 2 is the sequel of popular Bollywood movie ‘Baaghi’. The lead role player in that movie was none other than Tiger Shroff. The lady who played love interest of him in the first part of ‘Baaghi’ series is Shraddha Kapoor. The pair of Tiger and Shraddha earned immense appreciation for their performance in the film. The Hindi action celluloid was average hit at Indian box office. In initial weekend, public response was quite good for the movie. The theatre occupancy grew in the opening weekend but declined gradually in the week days.

Baaghi 2 Theatre Occupancy

Sajid Nadiadwala’s latest Bollywood movie ‘Baaghi 2’ is going to be one of the most successful films in year 2018. The movie’s trailer has received millions of views on YouTube and social networking media. The action flick will the most successful movie of Tiger’s career only if it manages to catch the attention of a huge audience in opening weekend. The Bollywood offering is expected to witness humongous occupancy on opening day. If the celluloid succeeds in impressing a major chunk of moviegoers, it will continue to receive massive response in cinema halls on 2nd day. Growth in the public response will boost the movie’s earnings in domestic arena. Sunday will be the jackpot day for the Hindi movie which will receive highest response from film-watchers on the holiday. Below is the range of expected theatre occupancy which the film may face in first three weeks of its release.

1st Day  35-55%
2nd Day  40-60%
3rd Day  45-65%
4th Day  25-35%
5th Day  23-33%
6th Day  21-31%
7th Day  20-30%
8th Day  18-28%
9th Day  22-32%
10th Day  25-35%
11th Day  27-37%
12th Day  17-27%
13th Day  15-25%
14th Day  13-23%
15th Day  10-20%
16th Day  13-23%
17th Day  15-25%
18th Day  7-17%
19th Day  5-15%
20th Day  4-14%
21st Day  3-13%

Baaghi 2 Box Office Collection

Baaghi 2 movie is expected to earn Rs 12 crore on opening day. The film will probably receive a huge response on first day of its release. If the performance of leading actor and actress manages to entice the audience in the cinema halls and multiplexes, it will be beneficial for the celluloid to boost its overall earnings in the coming days. With an expected 2nd day collection of Rs 13 crore, the consistent growth in the public response may take the overall earnings to next level. On third day, the Hindi celluloid can earn highest amount as it will gain the maximum response on national holiday. The Bollywood flick is expected to register a business of Rs 15 crore on third day of its release. In week days, the Hindi offering will witness consistent drop in the public response and may end up earning Rs 60 crore by the end of first week. Below is the film’s expected box office earnings in three weeks.

First Day  Rs 25.10 cr
Second Day  Rs 13 cr
Third Day  Rs 15 cr
Fourth Day  Rs 7 cr
Fifth Day  Rs 5 cr
Sixth Day  Rs 3 cr
Seventh Day  Rs 2 cr
Eighth Day  Rs 3 cr
Ninth Day  Rs 3.5 cr
Tenth Day  Rs 4 cr
Eleventh Day  Rs 2 cr
Twelfth Day  Rs 1.75 cr
Thirteenth Day  Rs 1.5 cr
Fourteenth Day  Rs 1.25 cr
Fifteenth Day  Rs 1 cr
Sixteenth Day  Rs 0.75 cr
Seventeenth Day  Rs 0.65 cr
Eighteenth Day  Rs 0.55 cr
Nineteenth Day  Rs 0.4 cr
Twentieth Day  Rs 0.3 cr
Twenty-First Day  Rs 0.2 cr

Baaghi 2 Overseas Collection

Tiger Shroff has a huge fan following not only India but also in the overseas. With the performance in previous movies, emerging action hero of Indian film industry has impressed a great number of audience in the foreign countries. His new Bollywood film ‘Baaghi 2’ is expected to earn a total amount of Rs 10 crore in overseas. If the public response remains steady in weekend and the movie doesn’t witness box office clash with any new Hollywood movie in different countries, it may earn more than Rs 10 crore in the international market. The Hindi film’s business might culminate in the foreign market only if it manages to get a huge public response in the foreign countries. According to our expert’s prediction, the Hindi movie will receive highest response in UK, USA and other north American countries. In Australia and New Zealand, the film may face decent response from people. The tabular content given below has the predicted worldwide box office collection of ‘Baaghi 2’.

Countries Earnings
United Arab Emirates  Rs 1 cr
North America (US & Canada)  Rs 3 cr
Pakistan  Rs 0.5 cr
Malaysia  Rs 0.04 cr
Germany  Rs 0.03 cr
Australia  Rs 0.2 cr
New Zealand  Rs 0.1 cr
United Kingdom  Rs 1 cr

Baaghi 2 Worldwide Collection

Overall earnings of ‘Baaghi 2’ is expected to cross Rs 15 crore. The film may do fantastic business at India’s box office as well as in the international market. The movie will witness thumping occupancy in the opening weekend. Further rise in the theatre occupancy in initial days of release will hike the movie’s income in foreign nations. The movie can collect a total income of Rs 50 crore at worldwide box office in the first weekend. If the celluloid maintains consistency in its performance and gains a good response in week days, it may even cross Rs 100 crore mark. However, it will be quite difficult for the movie to enter Rs 100 crore club if it faces box office competition with any south Indian film or any Bollywood movie. Let’s see how the Hindi film performs on Indian box office. Throw glance over the predicted worldwide income of ‘Baaghi 2’ which is given below in tabular format.

Day 1  Rs 26.05 cr
Day 2  Rs 13.05 cr
Day 3  Rs 15.05 cr
Day 4  Rs 7.04 cr
Day 5  Rs 5.04 cr
Day 6  Rs 3.04 cr
Day 7  Rs 2.03 cr
Day 8  Rs 3.03 cr
Day 9  Rs 3.53 cr
Day 10  Rs 4.01 cr
Day 11  Rs 2.01 cr
Day 12  Rs 1.76 cr
Day 13  Rs 1.51 cr
Day 14  Rs 1.26 cr
Day 15  Rs 1.005 cr
Day 16  Rs 0.755 cr
Day 17  Rs 0.655 cr
Day 18  Rs 0.554 cr
Day 19  Rs 0.404 cr
Day 20  Rs 0.302 cr
Day 21  Rs 0.202 cr

Note : Latest Box Office Figures will be updated soon.

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